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David Genadek Saddle Fitting Clinic

January 8, 2011, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Fall City, Wash.




Here is your chance to learn saddle fitting from a master saddle maker, not a sales person. 




The workshop will help you see through all the marketing hype to make an informed decision about your current saddle or what to look for in a new one.  You can also bring your horse just for a recommendation.


Dave Genadek of About the Horse has spent more than 25 years studying the biomechanics of horse and rider, collaborating with experts like Connected Riding founder Peggy Cummings and Dr. Deb Bennett of the Equine Studies Institute.  After experiencing firsthand how the saddle making art was changing to mass production, with little focus on the horse, Dave left the traditional saddle making world to start his own company, Black Rhino (now, About the Horse). He has integrated his studies and discoveries into a line of saddles that put the horse first and help the rider maintain balance and comfort. He shares this knowledge with all who are interested in being smarter about saddle fit and wish to understand what part the saddle plays in a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.


More about Dave:
Dave conducts clinics and is featured regularly at horse expositions all over the United States and Canada. Learn more



This is a valuable clinic for barn managers, instructors, trainers and anyone interested in how to properly fit a horse with either a Western or English saddle.


You will learn through lecture exercises and actual fittings:

Class starts with a lecture and exercises in the morning and continues after lunch with the fitting of your horse and up to two saddles.  You also experience the fitting of a wide variety of horses and types of saddles brought by your fellow students.


This clinic is for people with and without their horse(s). 


Read what people are saying about Dave's clinics




Lecture and Fitting

Learn the basics of saddle fitting

    - Includes lecture and saddle fitting of your horse (additional horses $30 each)



Lecture Only

Fully participate in classroom activities and watch as students and David do saddle fittings.



Saddle Fitting Only

1p - 4p (By Appointment)

Bring your horse(s) in the afternoon for a recommendation on how to improve your saddle fit or get measurements to start anew.

   $40 each horse



50% non-refundable deposit required 


On-site camping and nearby hotels available for those coming in from out of town.  Overnight horse board available.  Paddock or stall the day of the clinic is included in price.  Plenty of easy trailer parking.

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 or 425-222-3623