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Welcome to the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center online.  We are here to be a resource for information and training in natural horsemanship.  The Center conducts lessons, workshops, clinics and special events for horse men and women who are interested in building a willing relationship with their horse.  Explore and enjoy! 


Jim "Hutch" Hutchins

President & Director of Education, NWNHC



What's New?



Anna Twinney--Animal Communication & ROTH Horsemanship April 24 - 26

Anna Twinney travels the world teaching the art of creating a trust-based partnership between humans, horses and all animal companions. Through her Reach Out to Horses program, she helps horse owners gain insight and understanding into the mind of the horse, learn how to leave the one way conversation behind, and build a true connection. Learn more




Advancing Horsemanship (HS 102) Intensive Study

May 4 - 8

This NWNHC class builds on your horsemanship foundation and advances your riding with soft feel and balance at the walk, trot and canter. The 5-Day class gives you the jump start you need to ride with finesse in the bridle and without. Learn more



Parelli Spring Events

Nita Jo Rush 4-Star Senior Instructor

Long-time Parelli Senior Instructor, Nita Jo Rush comes to the Pacific Northwest for to help us hone our Freestyle and Finesse riding.

"Fun With Lead Changes"

Freestyle/Finesse Clinic May 2 & 3

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Terry Wilson 3-Star Horse Development Specialist

Terry is known throughout the U.S. for his excellent skills with young and difficult horses. He studied under world-renown horse trainer and "mentor to the clinicians," Ronnie Willis. Terry's gentle, supportive style results in a calm, responsive horse.

Colt Start & Training  May 11 - 21

Trail Ride Workshop  May 16

Level 3/4 Workshops  May 17

Lessons & Audition Prep (by appointment)  May 11 - 20

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Summer Kids Camps

Let your child or grandchild experience the camp that Parent Map magazine called one of the "Great Northwest Horse Camps." Learn more